Monday, August 12, 2013

Sequel to Eternal Darkness Is (Hopefully) Coming

Shadow of the Eternals

Everybody please stand back. I'm going to plug a video game.

Did you know that the people who made Eternal Darkness, one of the best damn video games of all time, are currently crowdfunding a sequel called Shadow of the Eternals?

It's through Kickstarter, which...  I know, fucking Kickstarter, right?

This is, however, a very good match for crowdfunding, even if I'd have picked a different crowdfunding clearinghouse. You see, despite blowing the minds of almost everyone who played it, the original game did not sell very well and the big money boyz have been reluctant to fund a sequel. What could have become an incredible franchise has therefore been collecting dust for the past decade.

I pledged $50, on the theory that going in at this level gets me a copy of the new game—which I was definitely going to pick up anyway, no matter how good or bad it ends up being. Shit, I bought Deus Ex 2, didn't I? Clearly, my loyalty to a great game extends to its sequel, no matter how much they screw it up.

Anyway, ya'll can decide for yourselves whether you want to support this project. I can't tell you what to do. I'm not your God-Empress (yet.) But take a moment to consider kicking in a few bucks so they can make something potentially awesome.

And if you still haven't played the original, you're really missing out. Go play it.


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