Monday, September 30, 2013

Animal Crackers Aren't Even Trying Anymore

What the hell are these animal crackers supposed to be?

Take a look at these Animal Crackers. I can't even tell what half of them are. Look at the one in the upper right corner. Is that a wolf howling? Or a cat looking up? Or a seal barking? Shit, I think it might even be a penguin. The lower right looks more like Rodin's The Thinker than a monkey, which is what I think (ha) it's supposed to be. The second from the right on the middle row is probably koalas humping, but it might also be teddy bears humping. Not totally sure. The middle one on the very left is the only obvious one. It's clearly a platypus impaled on a comb.

But what about the second from the left, on the top row. What the fuck is that thing? It might be a scrubbing bubble, but it ain't no fucking animal that I ever saw. If I did see an animal that looked like that, I would shoot it in the head just to end its torment.

Still pretty tasty, though.

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