Friday, October 11, 2013


Update 1

You may have noticed by now that the most wonderful thing to ever happen in the entire history of the world is now adorning the header of this blog. If you're reading on a mobile and can't see the header image, immediately run to the nearest computer (it doesn't have to be yours) and take a look. Seriously, just push whoever's using the computer out of the way. Tell them it's an emergency.

Huge, huge thanks to Emily Cammisa for drawing and coloring the Gorn and Robyn-Redshirt chibis. You can see a full sized version without the blog title here. In fact, if you are on a mobile, you could just follow that link instead of assaulting a random stranger. Or whatever. Either's okay.

In any event, please immediately visit Emily's website and commission something for personal or commercial use. She also has Etsy and Zazzle shops, with cool t-shirts, mouse pads, keychains, and jewelry. So head on over and treat yourself to something nice, or offer to buy something for any strangers you've recently assaulted, so they don't sue you.

UPDATE 1.1: Emily has a Tumblr blog! Check out her Halloween decorations!

Update 2

We've recently expanded the list of According2Robyn-approved blogs that you are permitted and required to read.

fisticuffsandshenanigans: What happens when a mom and three kids stop being polite and start getting real? AWESOMENESS. Awesomeness is what happens.

No, I'm Not Talking to Myself: The thoughtful, hilarious musings and travails of a leftie Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson fan who is just too damn sexy for her own good.

Joy in the Midst of: Here at According2Robyn, we don't usually endorse joy, but Stevie's blog is going places and we want to latch on early (like a remora.) A couple years from now, when all your friends are saying, "Did you read the latest JitMo article?" (because people will just be calling it JitMo by then,) you can either answer, "Oh, I've been reading JitMo for years," or you can stare blankly and be mocked for being so far behind the times. Your call.

And, of course, don't forget our incumbent blogrollers, Robyn Straley and Toby Harrison.  Other-Robyn writes about food and life, while Toby is... possibly lost on a glacier somewhere. Comment if you're alive, Toby! We sent the dogs out to find you, but had to call them back when we realized they had the last of the brandy.

Update 3

According2Blogger, many of you have already noticed that I've added an About Me section to the links below the header. So, you know, go read that if your life is so empty that you're entertained by mundane crap about me.

No judgement.

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