Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Post About Football(?)

 Are you watching college football right now? Well, obviously not, since you're reading this.

But if you're going to be watching college football, or you just looked down from the game to see if there are any new articles on A2R (IT COULD HAPPEN,) be warned that Shelley at No, I'm Not Talking to Myself is locked in a winner-takes-something battle to the defeat against Jake Trotter at

Shelley pitted her powers of prediction against the pitiless pro in this post (warning: may cause alliteration.)

It's still early, with only one game of their four predictions decided, but so far it's not looking good for either contestant. That's assuming that football score predictions work on a "closest without going over" rule, like on The Price is Right.

It's possible I'm mistaken about that.

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