Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Digital Cosplay

Chibi Dale Arden
Check it out!

Emily Cammisa made this fantastic drawing of yours truly. Please go to her website and buy things!

And try to guess who I'm dressed as. I'll write a haiku for the winner, on the subject of your choice.


  1. Your blog looks great, I already read a few of your posts. You have a very witty way of writing about things, it's quite enjoyable! I can't wait to make more art for you and your blog; may it be a success! Also, I don't post much on my blogspot blog anymore because, well I have NO followers and probably no traffic at all lol I mainly post my stuff on Tumblr: http://otaku1811.tumblr.com/ At least there people see my art and random ramblings lol Anywho, take care for now!

  2. Although I'm sure it's well and truly past it. I'm getting images of black and white weekly scifi later turned into glorious colour with the addition of Brian Blessed.

    So I name thee Robyn Arden, or Dale or some other combination. But never Bob.

    1. Ha ha! Someone has a great eye for science fiction. Or possibly just looked at the file name... Either way, you're the most observant. Please enjoy this reward haiku!

      Ming so cruel, so grim.
      Alas, never suspected
      That Gordon's alive!

    2. The file name thing did not occur to me. It's because when I was a kid the old B&W Flash Gordon shows were re-run at stupid o clock in the morning. Remembering her name was the hard part.

      Sadly I must admit my first introduction to that particular franchise was the animated series.

      Also hats off to the haiku, very apt.


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