Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't do it!

My spies have informed me that Toby Harrison, longtime (relatively speaking) friend of the blog, is recklessly encouraging kids to travel through time.

I just want you all to know, so if you find yourself erased from existence, you'll know who to blame.


  1. Fine, I'll tale the blame but only if it is formerly presented in a peer reviewed journal which conclusively proves I broke the universe.

    Until then may I tempt you with this slice of temporally displaced cake?

    1. The cake is a lie! (Sorry . . . can't ever resist a Portal setup.)

      Saw a link to this blog on The Bloggess, and couldn't resist heading over . . . Robyn's with a "Y" who blog generally being among my favorite people.

    2. Mmm, temporally displaced cake... The cake you can enjoy again and again.

    3. Robyns with a "Y" who blog, read The Bloggess, and are into Kiva, too! That has to be a rare combination. We may be the only such specimens in existence.

    4. "We may be the only such specimens in existence."

      It is so rare that I stumble across my people!

      The cake is amazing. Also, your blog is!

    5. Thank you, Robyn!



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